The Piano Improv Series


Teaching music is a passion of love that is very securely based in equal doses of theoretical knowledge and practice. It is very exciting mentoring small children, pressing forward, layering knowledge and ideas as they grow and learn the language of music. For every student that walks through Musaic's doors, there is but one singular goal, and that is to become a life long musician. To be able to play music throughout ones entire life, is truly a gift on which value cannot be placed.


Generally, most students begin their musical education by way of learning notes and then chords. Once you understand how to play those, you have some great, strong raw materials to work with. But your playing will seem pretty basic if you stop there. That’s where improvisation comes in.


Okay, so what is improvisation? Simply stated, it’s a structure that allows you to be creative within certain boundaries. When you develop solid foundational skills, you’ll have the groundwork laid for all sorts of cool improvisational playing.


Who can enroll in The Piano Improv Series?


1) Students who have a music reading skill level at RCM level 3 or higher are welcome!


2) Students who want to be able to play pop and contemporary music in a creative and informal way.


3) Students who are interested in writing songs and melodies.


4) Students who want to explore and expand on their current skills


5) Students who LOVE music!




TIME: FRIDAYS 6:00-7:00 PM

September 20

October 4, 18

November 1,15, 29


Course Fee $170.00 (includes materials)

Spaces are limited

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