Our COVID-19 Safety Plan: Keep Our School Safe!

During these unprecedent times, Musaic is dedicated to offering safe music lessons to all students. As of September 2021 we are offering both online and in person lessons.


To support the safe delivery of our services we have implemented the following safety precautions in our school:

Sanitizing Hands Before & After Lessons

Full vaccination for all staff memembers

Wearing Masks at all times

Sanitizing all Surfaces Before & After Students: Example: Keyboards, Seats, etc.

Physical Distancing of at least (2m) 6.5ft

Keeping students informed about our protocols to ensure continuity and safety

​Staggered work and class schedules


Adjustments to various programs and activities have been make to support distancing measures.

Drop Off Only: No Parents in Waiting Room

Limiting the number of Students in Our School

Impermeable barriers such as plexiglass will be installed in areas where distance is unable to be maintained; such as the Service Desk, Vocal Room, etc. (as well as 8-10ft) distance

IMPORTANT: For the safety of all our students and staff it is imperative that students and staff report any illness and convert their in person lesson to online lessons for the length of that illness.