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​Payment and Absence Policy

Musaic School of Music has made every effort to provide each student with the lesson time and day they have requested.  The lesson time agreed upon belongs to that student and that student only.  Therefore it is the responsibility of each student to attend his/her lesson on a consistent and timely manor. In the event a student misses or is late for a lesson, that lesson is deemed an Unscheduled Absence and is billable and will not be credited, however, students will be permitted one makeup lesson in any 90 day period.  The exception is Scheduled Absences, subject to the conditions below.


Scheduled Absences

A Scheduled absence is an absence in which Musaic School of Music has been made aware of in advance.  Musaic must be notified of the scheduled absence before the beginning of the month in which the absence is to take place. Scheduled absences will be noted and will not be billed.

Unscheduled Absences

Musaic School of Musaic understands that on occasion students may not be able to attend their regularly scheduled lesson.  Students will be allowed one absence in any 90 day period. The missed lesson will be rescheduled as quickly as schedules will permit.  Any additional absences within the 90 day period will not be rescheduled or credited.  If for any reason Musaic School of Music must cancel a student’s lesson, that lesson will be either rescheduled or credited.

Payment Method

All registered students of Musaic School of Music agree to provide a valid credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) number and signed authorization form to be kept on file at Musaic.  New students must prepay for a minimum of four (4) weeks, following this period lessons will be billed according to the number of lessons billable in the month.  Payment is due at the beginning of each month and will be charged to your credit card on the first lesson day of the month. Alternatively, payments may be made by way of debit, cash, or cheque, however, payment must be made at the time of the first lesson of each month.  If payment is not received at that time, Musaic School of Music reserves the right to charge the credit card held on file.  Any goods or accessories purchased from Musaic are due and payable at time of sale.

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